Educating Patients on How the Voice/Speech Mechanism Works


When working with clients or patients who have voice disorders, a large part of what we do is client education.  For younger children, this may be education with the parents.  For older children, we will do the education directly with them.  Often we need a combination of both.  On this page, you’ll find resources and explanations that are great for sharing with your clients and their families.  We’ll be adding to this as we go along!

Overview of the Voice and How it Works:

The first thing we must do is help our clients and their families understand how the voice works.  In this video, Laura will walk you through how she explains the voice to her clients/patients and their families.

Resources, Tools, and Training for Speech-Language Professionals

*** The SLP Solution is for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide medical or psychological advice.  We provide general resources but cannot tell you exactly what should be done for a specific client.  Every client is different and your clinical judgement should be used when making decisions about specific individuals.


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