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Identifying Your Own Therapy Goals No-Prep Kit

This no-prep kit will help a child identify his/her therapy goals and gain an understanding of why it is important to work hard on them. Ideally, this kit will help a child find his/her own inner motivation for wanting to improve his/her communication skills.

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Improve Joint Attention No-Prep Kit

This no-prep kit includes everything you need to teach a child to attend to an activity with you. This is the first step to engaging in social interactions as well as participating in therapy activities that will teach the child communication skills.

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Resources, Tools, and Training for Speech-Language Professionals

*** The SLP Solution is for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide medical or psychological advice.  We provide general resources but cannot tell you exactly what should be done for a specific client.  Every client is different and your clinical judgement should be used when making decisions about specific individuals.


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