16-Yr-Old with Puberphonia

Age Group:
Resouce Types:

Try the Cough:

Have the client cough.  If he is past puberty, he should have a typical low-pitched, abrupt cough of the adult male.  Explain to the patient that the vocal folds are able to produce an adult male voice and then demonstrate a cough, holding on to the phonation and prolonging it to demonstrate the lower register.

Sound Masking:

Have the client begin oral reading (record it).  Near the 10th word, add masking that is loud enough that the client will need to speak over it.  This usually will cause the voice to break into a louder, lower pitch.  Play the recording back to the client and tell him (sensitively) that it sounds like he has the option now of choosing between those two voices.  Continue to use masking to help him achieve that sound quality until you can fade it.

Once He Has the Lower Voice:

Practice using that lower voice during therapy and play recordings so he can hear the difference between high and low.  Once he understands how to reach the appropriate register, generalization should come quickly.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/Voice-Therapy-Free-DVD-Edition/dp/0205414079