Expanding a Child’s Use of his AAC Device

Age Group: /
Resouce Types:

Start with Core Words:

      • Teach the core words on the home page of the device first.  These will be the most used and most useful.

Words to Teach/Expand to Next:

      • Make sure all of his favorites are on there: foods, toys, tv shows, people, etc.
      • Observe the child’s behavior and teach words/phrases that he needs in his everyday interactions (look at the kinds of things he likes to do and look for any inappropriate behaviors where he is acting out because he doesn’t have the words).
      • Talk to the teachers about what academic concepts are needed.
      • Make sure the child has/knows buttons that represent a variety of types of words and communicative intents.  Don’t just have all nouns on there.  Make sure he has verbs, adjectives, negatives (like no and stop), social words, question words, etc.

How to Teach those New Words:

    • For each new word, set up an activity that will rely heavily on the use of that word.
    • Model finding the button and using that word yourself, using the child’s device.
    • Provide communication temptations for the child to use that button and help guide him to it.