What if Someone Walks Out of an IEP Meeting?

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If the Parent Walks Out…

  • If they are upset and refuse to participate in the IEP meeting, the meeting can be continued without them.  According to Wright’s Law: “When parents walk out of a meeting and refuse to participate, some courts have held that against them. By walking out, they waived their right to participate.”
  • Best practice would be to allow them time to cool down and reschedule the meeting.

If a Team Member Needs to Leave…

  • If it’s a related service provider, you’re not required at the meeting so the meeting can continue.
  • If it’s a required member of the IEP team, here’s the excusal rule from Wright’s Law:

The law includes two circumstances that allow a required team member to be excused from a meeting.

  1. If their area of expertise will not be discussed or modified during the meeting.
  2. If their area will be discussed, they must submit a written report to the parent and school team members before the meeting.

As a parent,

  1. You may agree with the school that the team member does not need to attend because their area will not be discussed.
  2. You may, together with the school, consent to excuse this member whose area will be discussed and they must submit a report prior to the meeting.

Both parental agreement and consent must be in writing.

The Parent Must Give Consent for the Meeting To Continue Without Required Members