What to Spend Your Materials Budget On

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It is budget and ordering time.  Can we get a running dialogue of “must haves”  for materials/resources to order for our practices (schools)?  My district is using a “zero? balance starting point and having us list our big ticket items (ASHA dues, convention/conference fees, etc.) and going from there…tools, materials, games, etc.


  • Don’t forget about state dues/licensing fees along with ASHA if you have your CCC’s (or other licensing dues if you’re in another country)

Continuing Education:

  • What conferences or online events will you be attending this year?

This Membership!

  • Your membership to The Speech Therapy Solution can be paid through a purchase order through your school.  If you need help getting a purchase order set up, just email us!

Other Materials:

  • This will depend on your setting and what types of problems you work with.  Here are some areas to consider:
    • Testing: Do you have enough assessment materials to evaluate the kids you typically see.  Is there anything missing in your arsenal?
    • Articulation:
      • Make sure you have a good set of articulation cards or a digital set like the Articulation Station app
      • Materials for every step of articulation therapy, such as for carry-over and syllable-level practice.  My eBook has all that and you get 30% off for being a member here (Use Promo Code TSTS30)!
    • Phonology:
    • Social Skills:
    • Check out www.teacherspayteachers.com
      • Look for cheaper materials that will address the needs that your students have
    • Organizational Materials
      • Look for materials that will help you organize everything else!
    • AAC: