1 Kid’s Working on /r/, the Other on Communication Breakdowns and Intelligibility

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2 Kids:

  • Kid 1 is working on /r/ at the sentence level
  • Kid 2 is working on increasing intelligibility and repairing communication breakdowns

Random Ideas:

  • Kid 1 is given a card with a single prompt written on it (it’s a sentence with /r/ in it).  He must read it to Kid 2 and Kid 2 must respond with intelligible speech.  Kid 1 must say “I don’t really understand” when communication breaks down and Kid 2 must repair.
  • Kid 2 must ask Kid 1 a question from a deck of cards or list (questions that can be answered in one sentence).  Kid 2 must use clear speech when asking and Kid 1 must answer using good /r/ sounds.
  • Play Guess Who: Each person has to ask “does your person have a…”  Kid 1 focuses on good /r/ sounds and Kid 2 focuses on clear speech.
  • Kid 2 reads a short passage and then asks Kid 1 a list of questions.  If Kid 1 doesn’t know the answer, Kid 2 must figure out where the communication breakdown occurred and clarify as necessary.
  • Both kids must work together to build a block structure but only Kid 1 may touch the blocks.  Kid 1 must ask Kid 2 questions about where to put the blocks using his good /r/ sounds and Kid 2 must use intelligible speech and repair breakdowns to get the structure created.  Maybe Kid 2 has a picture that they have to go by.