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Working on fluency can be so tricky!  For young children who don’t have many red flags for persistent stuttering, we’ll use a more indirect therapy approach (see below).  For other children, we will need to focus on a variety of areas, including addressing negative emotions, learning fluency-shaping techniques, and learning stuttering modification techniques.  For some children, we may be working on emotions and the strategies at the same time.  Other children may need to work on the emotions piece first before they’re ready to even try the strategies.  Still other children may need to stop and focus on some breathing exercises.  And then there’s cluttering which has a whole other approach!  It can all be very confusing, but these guides will help you through.  You can use our choose a goal from our goal bank below to see the resources for that goal.  Or, click here to view resources for a specific condition or diagnosis.

Goal Bank:

For each goal below, click on the name of the goal to see all of the resources about that topic.  Or, click “print the no-prep kit” to open the kit directly.  Once open, click “print” and select the printer.  You can then place those kits directly into each child’s folder/notebook and you’ll be all set to go for therapy!



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