AAC Options for A Child with Apraxia and Motor Problems

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I just finished looking at your webinar on Apraxia of Speech. Wow…this was very helpful. I still have some challenges. My student also has Dysarthria and Limb Apraxia, so pointing is an issue. Additionally, I feel there are some cognitive issues, but is labeled OHI. Student is 14 and in high school. I am soooooo lost as to what do. My OT said to continue providing sensory stimulation, but that hasn’t sparked an interest either. HELP!!! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

My Favorite Resource for Adaptive Access:


  • Contact your local representative and ask about your student’s particular motor challenges and ask what is available, they’re more than happy to talk you through options.
  • Find a local AAC evaluation team if possible and encourage the family to take the child for an eval.
  • Go along to the eval and ask about the specific types of access devices you were told about from Dynavox (other companies likely have them as well).

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