Children with Rigid Speech Patterns

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Difficulty switching between language structures in therapy:

Child may be having trouble switching between two different skills that you’re working on

With speech sounds:

With language skills:

  • Focus on one at a time if the child is very young or unable to work on two
  • Compare two language structures side by side and talk about when each one is used (like he/she and him/her)
  • Provide sentences that use both (she is chasing her)
  • Practice examples with both skills side by side

Difficulty changing what she says to fit the situation:

Child may say the same thing in many situations and not adapt her speech to the situation (code switching)

  • Observe her daily conversations and identify where the child is struggling with this
  • Teach her new speech to use in those different situations
  • Teach her rules of when to use each type of speech or language structure
  • Practice switching between different types of speech or language structures in staged scenarios (act it out)
  • Monitor her during normal conversations to check for carry-over and to provide awareness cues as necessary

Difficulty understanding when things are worded differently:

May have trouble following directions if they are not worded exactly the same way each time

  • Give simple directions and have her practice following them when worded differently (provide many examples)
  • Teach her how to ask the teacher to re-word requests or directions
  • Talk about synonyms for common words she hears
  • Practice, practice, practice