Hearing Loss and Cognitive Delays

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  • Research: Children with hearing impairment had no decreased performance on non-verbal memory and attention tests:


  • Some children do have both hearing impairment and cognitive problems
  • Much of what looks like cognition skills uses language which makes it hard to assess

How to determine if a skill is being impacted by hearing loss or cognitive deficits (or both):

  • Memory/Recall
    • Ask for a non-verbal cognitive test to determine if you need to approach it from a cognitive angle or language
  • Answering Questions
    • Test different “wh-” words by asking the same (or similar) question with a different “wh-” word
    • Test if the child can answer questions non-verbally (by pointing to the answer)
  • Repeating
    • Try non-verbal imitation like imitating actions
    • Try repeating different types of language, such as full sentences, single words, numbers, letters, etc.