How to Help Parents Understand Importance of Speech Therapy and How to Help

Resouce Types:

1.  Could do inservice if you think the parents will attend

2.  Probably better to do letter or email

  • Call first to see which they prefer
  • Tell them to return 2nd page signed or reply to email to confirm understanding
  • Don’t just send home in backpack

3.  Have a different letter for speech, language, social, stuttering, etc.

4.  Things to include

  • A little about you and your job
  • What you see their child for
  • How that area impacts education
  • How you want them to finish quickly so they don’t con tune to miss class time
  • How working at home will help them progress faster
  • Tell them you’ll be sending homework when you can but you have many kids on your caseload so you encourage them to seek activities on their own as well
  • Give resources like my site that are parent-friendly and searchable
  • Your contact info