How to Make Basic Vocab Stick for Seriously Delayed Children

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  • Target one vocabulary word at a time and present it in multiple different ways
    • Have parents and teachers also target the same word
    • Play games that requires the child to say and listen to the word
    • Target words that are meaningful in the child’s environment
  • Use other forms of media to talk about the word
    • Read books that will allow you to say the word over and over again
    • Watch videos from youtube that include the target word
  • Encourage families to use a program like to provide extended modeling beyond what you can do in therapy (
  • Provide multiple photographs of the same vocab word
    • Use google image search to see multiple examples
    • Show images on an iPad (again, can use google image search if you peruse first)
    • Line up 3 photos of the same thing (different photos) and then provide the child with a 4th

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