Ideas for Better Documentation

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When to Collect Data:

  • Every Session:
    • 1:1 kids, private practice kids, infrequent sessions, children who make quick progress, when mandated by employer or payor
    • Take a few moments at the beginning of the session to take data
  • Less Often:
    • Take data once per month or once every 2 weeks
    • Allows for more actual therapy
    • Lesson plan once and then continue to do that lesson until the next data collection time
    • Some kids will need minor tweaks throughout the month
    • Groups: take data on one child per session or take data for everyone on a mini testing day once per month where no games are played, just data collected

Where to Collect Data:

  • Do a mini testing day on data collection days in the speech room
  • Collect data in the classroom on carry-over

How to Collect Data:

  • One data collection page per child with all goals on it
  • Keep pages in one binder that you keep track of or each child has a sheet in his notebook which he gets out at the beginning of each session
  • Mark correct (+), incorrect (o), prompted (p), approximations (a), and anything else you need
  • Take the number correct divided by total trials to get percentage
  • Or, tally number of occurrences in __ minutes
  • Or, take annecdotal notes