Improving Focus and Attention in Middle Schoolers

Age Group:
Resouce Types:

1. Define focus and attention, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what is easy to focus on and what is difficult

2. Identify ways to know if your attention or focus has drifted

  • What does it feel like
  • What happens with the work you’re doing
  • What cues do you get from your teacher

3. Identify ways to bring your focus and attention back

  • Ask for a movement break
  • Start taking notes
  • Create a checklist or to-do list of items that need to be finished
  • Set a timer and identify a half-way point to watch for

4. Discuss modifications or adaptations that the child may need to increase focus/attention.  Teach the child to advocate for himself and ask for those modifications

  • Outlines or graphic organizers ahead of time
  • Additional time to complete tasks
  • Check-ins with teacher to make sure he’s on track
  • Visual organizers/Checklists
  • Access to a visual timer
  • Device that beeps at certain intervals to remind the student to get back on task

5. Need Some More Therapy Ideas for This?