Making Teletherapy More Fun and Effective

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I do a few teletherapy sessions through VSee (basically like Skype, but ASHA approved). Is there anyway to make teletherapy more fun or interactive for the child? I have a hard time engaging the child in the activities without physical toys/games. Any ideas?

Also, one of my clients through teletherapy has a hard time producing a /k/ and /g/. It is very hard to show my mouth positions through the camera and it’s hard to see their mouth positions through the camera. Do you have any suggestions for this?

Teletherapy Activities:

  •  Quia Speech Therapy Games.  Created by users, you can play these while you’re practicing.  Just switch back and forth between sharing your screen (with the game on it) and sharing your camera
  • Use worksheets (like the ones from the materials library) and instruct the parent to print off the materials at home before you start.  Have an adult assist with the materials throughout the session.

Working with Mouth Positioning:

  • Have an adult aid there to show the child the positions that you are doing (train them ahead of time) and have that adult describe to you what the child is doing.
  • Use images like these to show where the tongue goes:
  • Try strategies that don’t require lots of visual modeling, like holding a cheerio under the tongue tip to produce /k/.