Push In Therapy With Preschoolers

Resouce Types:


Day One: Observe in Classroom

  • Take notes on:
    -What having Trouble With
    -What language/speech skills do they need
    -Function of inappropriate behaviors
  • Ask teacher about
    -Biggest challenges in classroom

Make A Plan

  • Pick 1-3 goals to target during your time in classroom
    -Biggest challenge is to get teacher on board
    -What will help the most
  • Pick a time you can work on that skill
    -Snack – requesting
    -Free play – social
    -Circle – answering questions
    -Transitions – Behaviors

Do The Therapy

  • Create visuals if needed t0 teach to the child and intro to classroom
  • Find opportunities to help the child do that skill in the classroom
  • Create opportunities if needed, use peers to stage scenarios
  • Train staff on what to do when you are not there