Rhyming Activities for Speech Therapy

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Identifying if Two Words Rhyme:

Listening Activities:

  • Start with a bunch of activities where you’re just pointing out that words rhyme
  • Say this: “cat…hat….those words rhyme, they both end in ‘at’….cat…hat”

Identification Activities:

  • Once the child has listened to many examples, have the child start telling you if they do or don’t rhyme

Activity Ideas (for either):

Easter Egg Rhyming Words:


Rhyming Cups:


Rhyming Posters:



Coming Up with a Rhyming Word:

  • Start with a word ending and then help the child add different sounds to the beginning to decide if it makes a real word or a made-up word


  • Then, let the child use letter tiles to come up with rhyming words and make lists of words that go into different word families

Free CVC Word Family Ladder Printables - 3Dinosaurs.com


  • Then, take away the letter tiles and have the child try to come up with words from the list they just created from memory