Stubborn Velar Fronter

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1. Work on Auditory Discrimination with minimal pairs

2. Play recordings of himself and help him hear that he is saying it incorrectly

3. Try some elicitation techniques:

  • Very Wide Mouth
  • Prompt by placing hand near the throat and talk about putting the tongue way back in the mouth
  • Push down the front of the tongue with a tongue depressor, lollipop, or finger
  • Growl in the back of the mouth then shorten it up
  • Lie on the back
  • Push up and back under the tongue
  • Dinosaur Stomping
  • Start with a cough
  • Start with /t/ and slide tongue back to /k/
  • Hold cheerio down with the tip of the tongue

4. If all else fails, give it a rest and come back to it.  They may just not be ready yet.