Students with Recall/Memory Problems

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*** NOTE: This video discusses how memory isn’t really in our scope when working in the schools.  However, it’s important to note that it IS often included in our scope when working in the medical setting.  Please confirm what is considered “in scope” for your setting and use your best judgement as to what is appropriate for you to address.

Hi Carrie,
I am working with an 8 year-old student who has difficulty organizing his thoughts to summarize what he has read, heard and experienced. His syntax was significantly delayed when I started working with him 2 years ago. Current testing indicated that he is in the high-average range now. The CELF 4 indicated far below average scores in the areas of recalling sentences and working memory. He is receiving RTI services. His teacher said that one day he can recall what he has been taught and the next day can’t remember. Any suggestions for this student would greatly be appreciated!

My Steps for This:

1. Remembering a Single Picture

  • Show them a picture and then put it away and say “What was in the picture?”

2. Answering Questions about a Book

  • Read a story and then ask specific questions about it immediately after like “Who was the main character?” and “What did he do at the ___?”

3. Recalling Events from a Book

  • Read a story and then immediately after ask them “What happened in the story?”
  • Prompt them to tell you 3 events from the story and then put them in order.

4. Answering Questions about an Immediately Past Event

  • Do something and then immediately ask the child questions about what you just did.
  • Once they can do that, move on to asking questions about something that happened right before you started working on this.

5. Recalling Events from an Immediately Past Event

  • Do three things and then ask the child to retell the three things in order.
  • Ask the child to tell you what happened during the activity immediately before starting to work on this.

6. Answering Questions about Further Past Events

  • Ask the child questions about an event that happened a while ago, like their last meal or what they did after school last night.
  • Ask the child questions about events that happened further and further back, like their last birthday party or going to visit Grandma.

7. Recalling Events from a Further Past Event

  • Ask the child to retell three things that happened during an event that happened a while ago while keeping the steps in order.
  • Work on doing this for things that happened further and further back.