Targeting Functional Language with Craft Activities

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Following Directions:

  • Write or draw out steps to the activity to provide visual aids
  • Tell students directions one at a time (for one-step followers) or give multiple steps to see if they will complete all
  • Using recipes for cooking activities are great for this!


  • Show children how to make the craft, include directions, but hold all of the materials back (make sure children can see the materials)
  • Label each material by saying what it is called
  • Wait to see if the children initiate
  • If a child initiates but doesn’t say the right thing (like reaching without asking), provide prompts to help the child use his words to request
  • Provide AAC for options if necessary

Answering Questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • What am I doing?
  • What’s this?
  • Where’s the ___?

Social Skills:

  • Sharing materials
  • Taking Turns
  • Asking to pass something
  • Responding to peer requests

Speech and Language Crafts: