Targeting Initial Consonant Deletion with Fricatives

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I have a child who leaves off what seems to be most initial consonants; however, when doing single words, it is mainly fricatives (e.g., he can produce initial d and b). Do I target the phonological process of initial consonant deletion or work on fricatives? He does not seem to interested in watching models.

No Right Answer, Either will Help:

You could really go either way with this, or do a cycles-type approach where you target one for a few weeks and then switch to the other

How to Target Initial Consonant Deletion:

Initial Consonant Deletion: How to Fix It

How to Target Fricatives:

  • Auditory Bombardment
  • Could try minimal pairs if you can come up with any
  • Could try fricatives in isolation
  • Could try a combination

Child Won’t Watch Models:

  • Try auditory bombardment while he’s doing something like coloring where he’ll still hear you but not have to watch
  • Try making videos of your mouth saying words that start with fricative sounds and see if he’ll watch that repeatedly