Teaching Pitch Variability

Age Group: /
Resouce Types:

  • Start with non-speech pitch variations including high, low, and medium.  Practice using sound effects or singing.
  • Practice exaggerated pitch variations with speech by saying the same sentence with a high voice, a low voice, and a medium voice.
  • Practice changing the pitch mid-sentence by saying the same sentence with rising pitch, falling pitch, and monotone.
  • Talk about intonational patterns for different types of utterances and map them out by drawing lines under sentences that represent the falling or rising intonational patterns of the sentences.
  • Falling at the end for statements and non yes/no questions
  • Rising at the end for yes/no questions
  • Rising on each word in a list and then falling on the last word

5. Practice correct intonational patterns for various utterance types in the therapy room.

6. Practice correct intonational patterns in structured conversation

7. Self-correct intonational patterns in unstructured conversation