Teaching Pronouns to Preschoolers

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Object Pronouns:

Serve as the objects of the sentence, often the one who gets acted upon (The ball hit him).

Activity Ideas:

  • Put a picture of a boy and a picture of a girl on the wall.  Throw things at them but first the child has to say “throw it at him” or “throw it at her.”
  • Play catch and have the child say “throw it to me” or “I throw it to you” before each turn.
  • Use this file folder game and have the child say “give it to him” or “give it to her” before giving each item to either the boy or the girl.
  • Read a book and ask the child questions about what is happening to the various characters (what happened to her?  a ball hit her).

Subject Pronouns:

The person or thing that performs the action (He threw the ball).

Activity Ideas:

  • Look at verb flashcards or pictures in books and describe the actions using “he” or “she”.
  • Try this worksheet
  • Or this one
  • Or how about this one?
  • Act out scenarios with dolls and have the child describe what the dolls are doing.
  • Perform actions with the child and ask the child to describe what you or he is doing.

Reflexive Pronouns:

When the object of the sentence is the same as the subject (myself, yourself, himself, herself).

Activity Ideas:

  • Perform actions on yourself and encourage the child to imitate you, then talk about what you’re each doing (I am scratching myself, you are scratching yourself).
  • Look for pictures in books of characters doing things that would use the reflexive pronouns.
  • Use puppets and have them perform various actions on themselves so that the child can practice describing using the reflexive pronouns (he is reading to himself, she is cooking herself breakfast).