Therapy Ideas for a Non-Verbal Child with Autism Working on Life Skills

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I would like some advice for ideas for therapy for children with Asd non verbal / limited speech has some concept of Pecs and will exchange picture of item.  I am working on functional skills such as making toast and within that working on following a schedule, picture exchange for to make requests.  Just wondering if you have any other ideas or suggestions for therapy sessions

Functional Communication:

  • Establish a functional communication system
  • Train all who work with the child on how to use it
  • Create a set of pictures/symbols/buttons that will get basic wants and needs met for life skills needed

Following Written Directions for Life Skills:

  • Create a list of needed life skills (like making toast)
  • Create visual schedules/directions (with pics) of the steps to those activities
  • Help the student follow the pictures/directions to complete those steps
  • Put mastered skills into a book and help the student work on finding the correct sequence as needed

Integrating the Two Skills:

  • Add pics/symbols to the bottom of each set of directions that will give the student things to point to that he may need to communicate during that activity (like “help” or to request materials)
  • Add pics/symbols to the main AAC book/system that will allow the child to request to do one of the life skills that is in the book