Therapy Ideas for a Nonverbal Toddler with Autism

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intervention options for a 20 month old girl non verbal ASD. Her mother wants weekly therapy sessions. I have introduced Hanen language development strategies. I have started PECS. I am trying to teach motor imitation skills. Is there any other strategies I could be using? Thanks

Components of Intervention to Consider:

1.Parent Training: Teach good language modeling techniques to the parents

  • Using shorter utterances
  • Using sign language
  • Self-Talk
  • Parallel-Talk
  • Labeling a child’s body language, actions, or vocalizations using a single word

2. Introduce AAC during therapy, try different methods (sign language, voice output, picture systems, etc.).  See what she will use to communicate her biggest wants and needs

3. Try to get the child to imitate speech sounds for highly preferred objects.  If she won’t do that, try imitating non-speech sounds, oral motor movements, or other movements.

4. Encourage joint attention: