How to Use One Activity to Work on Multiple Skills

Resouce Types:


  • Book Reading
    • Talk about vocabulary in pictures
    • Ask questions about story and pictures
    • Retell portions of the story for grammar
    • Talk about the social situations and expected behavior
    • Ask the child to point to various things in the book for following directions
    • Listen for words that contain the child’s speech sounds and practice when they come up
  • Play Dough
    • Use cookie cutters to talk about vocabulary or build something and have the child guess what it is
    • Ask questions about what the child is doing
    • Make letters out of play dough and then practice words with that sound
    • Act out and describe scenarios with the play dough to target grammar
    • Practice play skills and interaction skills while working together with play dough
    • Ask the child to follow directions with the play dough
  • Puzzles
    • Name objects or talk about what the picture may be
    • Ask questions about the picture on the puzzle
    • Have the child practice his speech sounds 5x before he gets the next piece
    • Describe the picture or the pieces with full sentences to target grammar
    • Have children work together to complete the puzzle
    • Have children follow directions with the pieces of the puzzle
  • Game
    • Label the parts of the game and the actions necessary to complete
    • Ask questions about the board/game
    • Have the child practice his speech words so many times before his turn
    • Have the child describe the rules of the game and game play using good grammar
    • Talk about how to be a good winner/loser and how to take turns
    • Give the child directions to follow for set up, tear down, and game play
  • Marble Works
    • Talk about the different tracks and marbles, use some describing words
    • Ask questions about what the ball is doing or how the child is setting up the tracks
    • Have the child practice his speech sound 5x before getting the next track or marble
    • Have the child describe what is happening in full sentences to practice grammar
    • Have the children work together to create something using good social language
    • Have the children follow directions to create something