Useful Therapy Room Decor

Resouce Types:

  • Sorting bins for toys: work on categorization
  • Vinyl letter stickers on the walls: work on sound stimulability
  • Speech anatomy posters: use for talking about the speech mechanism
  • Artwork with a lot of different events depicted: use as a picture description tasks for carrying over new sounds or language skills into conversation
  • Curtains or sheets (draped over shelves) to block off areas of the room: use to reduce distractions
  • Glass jars with lids on a shelf: put toys inside so the children have to ask for the jars to be taken down and then ask for them to be opened
  • Poster with rules for speech therapy: Be Safe (keep your hands to yourself, sit on your bottom, walk in the room), Be Kind (encourage your friends, use kinds words, listen when others are talking), Be Responsible (take care of materials, clean up when you’re done, follow directions from the teacher)