Using Books for Elementary Kids in Groups with Mixed Skills

Resouce Types:

What Books to Choose?

  • Use the books that they are working on in class.  This saves you time trying to find books and will help them generalize more quickly
  • Ask teachers for the most recent books

How to Work on Speech Skills:

  • Give child a note card that has their target sound on it.  Instruct them that when they hear a word that starts with their sound, they should raise their card.  Help remind them the first few times until they get better at this.
  • After you read each page (or each paragraph if it’s a longer book), have the student practice any of the words that contained their target sound (or just a few words if there were a lot).  If the child is working at the sentence level, have him practice the whole sentence.
  • If the child is able to write, have him write the words found on the back of his card while you’re working with the language kids.
  • If the child is working at the conversational level, have him answer questions about the book using his good sound.  If he has an error, help him catch it and fix it in his response.

How to Work on Language Skills:

  • If you are working on specific grammar skills, use the same system as the speech skills where the child is listening for their grammatical structure and raises a card when it’s heard.  After each page, have the child practice the sentences that used that grammatical marker and come up with additional sentences as well.
  • If you are working on answering questions, have the child answer questions about what’s going on in the story after each page.
  • If the child is working on vocabulary, ask the child to define words in the text or give you synonyms and antonyms for key words.
  • If the child is working on following directions, have the student follow directions like “point to the bus after you point to the frog”.