Using the Cycles Approach in Groups

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Choose Targets:

  • If they all have similar processes to work on, use the same process for everyone (ideal but not practical)
  • Or, choose a different process for each student to be working on at a time (note: this is not ideal as you will not be able to make as much progress in therapy but if this is your only option, we’ll discuss it here)

Auditory Bombardment:

  • If working on the same process, just read the words for 1-2 minutes
  • If working on different processes, provide each student with an audio recording (tape recorder or digital recorder with headphones) each with their own word list

Target Word Cards:

  • Each student is given target words (3-5) to glue to note cards.  As students are working, therapist goes around and has each student repeat their target words after the therapist

Experiential Play:

  • Play a game or do an activity and have each student take turns saying his words, use cues to get the child as close to 100% accuracy as possible

Stimulability Probe:

  • Have each student pack his cards into a folder/backpack to go home as homework.  Include a list of words for the parent to read to the child out loud at home (with instructions to just read the words to the child, not have the child repeat)
  • While they are doing this, have each student read a list of words that you would like to target for the next session and circle the 3-5 that are the easiest for the child (those will be next week’s words)
  • When the students are ready to go but it’s not their turn for the stimulability probe, have them listen to their tapes again.