What to Target for Kids who have Low Scores in All Areas

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If IQ is Low and Language Skills are Similar, Do you Provide Therapy?

My state government says: “no”

ASHA says: “yes”

“Eligibility determinations based on a priori criteria violate recommended practice principles by precluding consideration of individual needs. These a priori criteria include, but are not limited to: (a) discrepancies between cognitive and communication functioning…”


Why Provide Therapy?

In my opinion, children who have low IQ scores do not typically just pick up new concepts when they are introduced, they will need direct instruction in communication from a licensed speech-language pathologist in order to make progress on those skills.  ASHA seems to agree with me based on their statement above.

What to Target:

  • Look at developmental checklists and determine at what age they are functioning.  This is their developmental age as opposed to their chronological age.  Target other communication skills at that same developmental age that they have not mastered or skills from the next developmental age up
  • Look at inappropriate behaviors in the classroom and determine the function.  Then, teach them another way to communicate that need
  • Look at their ability to learn from a regular education environment.  What is holding them back?  Following directions?  Communicating basic wants and needs?  Answering questions?