When to Stop Articulation Therapy

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What to Try First:

  • Try a different type of therapy (Doing phonology?  Try artic!)
  • Try different settings (push-in, pull-out, etc.)
  • Try adding homework for classroom teachers and parents
  • Try a different therapy schedule (two 5-minute sessions per day instead of a few longer sessions per week or block scheduling with breaks)

When to Give Up:

  • If you’ve tried a variety of different therapy types as above for quite a while (a year or two?), then you can discuss the lack of progress with the parents.  Discuss possible reasons for the lack of progress, including that the child isn’t ready yet or that the child’s other disabilities or impairments prevent progress
  • Suggest a check-up model where you take a break and re-visit it every so often (6 weeks of therapy every 6-months to a year) to catch when the child is ready.
  • Explain that continuing to take the child out of class to work on a skill that they’re not progressing on will only hurt their other academic progress