Working on Phonology and Artic at the Same Time

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Options if the student has phonology and articulation errors to work on:

1. Work on phonological processes that would include the articulation errors as well (like working on stopping of fricatives and target the frontal lisp on /s/ when those words come up.

  • I would start with this approach because it will allow you to work on more at once.  However, if the student doesn’t make adequate progress with this approach, try a different approach

2. Target stubborn or pervasive articulation errors first before attempting phonological processes

  • I would use this approach if the student has a very severe articulation error that is impacting intelligibility more than the phonological process. I also sometimes use this approach for young children who have a lot of phonological processes to work on but we just need to get some success in therapy so the child is motivated to keep working on all of the other sounds.  If this is the case, I will target an articulation error that also works on one of the phonological processes (like working on /p/ for a child who has trouble is voicing everything)


Target phonological processes first and wait on articulation errors

3. Break your sessions up and work part of the time on phonology and part on articulation

  • Work on sounds that will help both the articulation and phonology if possible, but you can use different approaches during each section of your session.