Goal: Expressively Use Adjectives

Sample Goal:

Client will demonstrate improved descriptive vocabulary skills by describing 10 different objects upon request including at least 4 adjectives per object.

Download the No-Prep Therapy Kit:

We have a start-to-finish therapy kit that will give you everything you need to practice this skill in therapy and send home homework.  Click the packet below to open it.  Then, print it out and place it in the child’s notebook or binder.

For this skill, we recommend focusing on one of the five senses at a time in order to build the client’s vocabulary in a more systematic way.  The order of which sense you target first does not matter so feel free to choose whichever of the kits below that you feel would benefit the client the most.  You will move through each of the three therapy phases for each of the senses below (or as many as the client needs to target).

Therapy Phases:

  1. Name Things that are _____: Client will name at least three objects that fit a specific adjective (such as bumpy, hot, sour) for 10 different adjectives.
  2. Yes/No Questions about Adjectives: Client will answer yes/no questions about specific adjectives (such as “is it bumpy?” or “is it hot?”) with at least 80% accuracy.
  3. Expressive Use of Adjectives: Client will describe 10 different objects upon request including at least 4 adjectives per object.

What’s Next?

  •  Once the client has completed these phases for one of the five senses, go back and target others.  Once the client’s adjective vocabulary has caught up to age-appropriate, you can target other types of vocabulary that the client needs to focus on.

Supplemental Materials

Here are some other resources that may help you when working on this skill:

How Does it Feel Worksheets

Worksheets to target 12 different descriptors that describe the way something feels. Each page targets a different descriptor and allows the child to circle things that fit that descriptor. Great for children who are working to increase their use of descriptors.

How Does it Taste Worksheet

Single-page handout that includes 16 different ways to describe how something tastes or feels in the mouth. This can be used to describe foods during a taste test or as an abstract activity where the child must remember how something tastes and feels in the mouth. Great for children working on increasing their use of descriptors.

Using Adjectives in Sentences

This worksheet bundle will help children learn how to use a variety of adjectives in a very simple sentence. Use these worksheets to describe a common object by talking about how it feels, smells, sounds, looks, and tastes. There is one worksheet for each sense that includes a sentence strip along with 8 picture options for common adjectives. Great for children who need to practice using adjectives in full sentences.

Training Videos:

Need some extra help on treating this skill?  Check out these related training videos:

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*** The SLP Solution is for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide medical or psychological advice.  We provide general resources but cannot tell you exactly what should be done for a specific client.  Every client is different and your clinical judgement should be used when making decisions about specific individuals.


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