Goal: Eliminate Post-Vocalic Devoicing

Sample Goal:

Student will eliminate the process of post-vocalic devoicing by spontaneously producing voiced consonants at the ends of words in sentences with at least 80% accuracy.

Download the No-Prep Therapy Kit:

We have a start-to-finish therapy kit that will give you everything you need to practice this skill in therapy and send home homework.  Click the packet below to open it.  Then, print it out and place it in the child’s notebook or binder.

Therapy Phases:

  1. Auditory Discrimination: Student will receptively identify the difference between two minimal pair words where the words sound the same except that one word ends with a voiced sound and the other word ends with its voiceless cognate (example: bag and back) with at least 80% accuracy.
  2.  Production in Single Words: Student will produce single words that end with voiced consonants with at least 80% accuracy.
  3. Production in Phrases: Student will produce voiced final consonants in 2-3 word phrases with at least 80% accuracy.
  4. Production in Sentences: Student will produce voiced final consonants in sentences with at least 80% accuracy.

What’s Next?

Training Videos:

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