Flexible-Location Therapy Learning Module

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This is the learning module for getting started with Flexible Location Therapy!  This 6-part program will help you streamline and simplify your therapy process so that you can easily do teletherapy, in-person therapy, or a combination of both.  AND, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch back and forth between the two.

What is Flexible-Location Therapy?

Flexible Location Therapy means being able to do your therapy in person or from a distance.  And it means being able to switch back and forth without missing a beat.

Why is Flexible-Location Therapy Important?

Not only will this streamline your therapy process as a whole (giving you more time for therapy and less time on paperwork and planning), it will also help you be flexible enough to deal with whatever Coronavirus or any other disaster throws our way.  When you know that you’re prepared for any situation, you’ll be able to stress less and enjoy your job (and life) more!

Let's Get Started!

All you need to do to begin the Flexible-Location Therapy Learning Module is click the button below.  That will begin your journey: 

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