Week 2: Get Set Up for Teletherapy

To Do Checklist:

Finish Week 1 Objectives
Watch the Video on this Page
Complete This Week's Workbook

WEEK 3 will begin on July 20th, 2020.  We will send you an email when it is ready for you!

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Watch the Video Here:

Welcome to Week 2 of Flexible Location Therapy!

This week, we’re talking all about how to get set up for teletherapy. As we all experienced during the coronavirus craziness of this past season, it’s possible for our lives—and our clients’ needs—to change dramatically in the blink of an eye. As we head into the new school year, we need to be prepared to flip back and forth between in-person and teletherapy in order to keep up with changing demands during this pandemic.


However, being set up for Flexible-Location Therapy will continue to be valuable to you long after this pandemic has passed! Taking these steps to prepare yourself for teletherapy now ensures that you can seamlessly adapt your therapy practice to virtually any set of circumstances that befall you or your clients.


Our goal for this week is to get you totally set up for teletherapy.

  1. If you’ve never done teletherapy before, I strongly recommend that you start off with our webinar, Introduction to Teletherapy for Speech Language Pathologists & Professionals. This is a two-hour webinar that we hosted back when everyone was first scrambling to start teletherapy, and it’s a great way to get a quick(ish) run-down of everything you need to know to get started.

  2. If you’ve already done a little bit of teletherapy and you have a general sense of how your practice needs to work, stick with me here. Your next step is documenting what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it so that any time you need to swap back to teletherapy in the future, you’ll be totally ready to go without any fuss or stress.


Before you jump into this week’s lesson, be sure to download the workbook attached to this module—we’ve made it super easy for you to document your processes and save them for future use! Then, hit play on the video and get ready to take some notes! 

ASSIGNMENT: Get Set Up For Teletherapy




  1. Decide What Platform You’ll Use For Teletherapy.

  1. Write down your process for scheduling a session in your platform.

  • Include any notes you think you might need in the future to remember how this works.

  1. Write down your process for inviting a parent to your session.

  • Again—make note of anything you think you’ll need to remember later!

  1. Write down your steps for starting & running a session.


  1. Collect some general reinforcer ideas that you can use for drilling & practicing.

  • This should be GENERAL RESOURCES. We aren’t talking about addressing super specific skills right now. Think about what resources will help with most of your clientele.

  • Again, feel free to check our Teletherapy Pinterest Board for ideas!

BONUS STEP: Find fun, unique, engaging activities for specific skills and clients.


  • For example, you can save Boom Cards, interactive PDFs, etc. that are specific to one particular skill you know you’ll need to work on.

  • Remember: These are nice-to-haves, not must-haves. Your therapy should be simple and streamlined. This is the cherry on top of your therapy resource sundae. 🙂 If you don’t have the energy for this right now, that’s okay.

Q&A Call

On July 17th, 2020, we held a Q&A call with Carrie Clark to discuss this week’s assignment. NOTE: There will be some dead space where the screen will go black…you can either just hang tight (go grab another cup of coffee) or fast forward past it. More questions were answered once things got back to normal. You can watch below:

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