Goal: Produce the /p/ Sound

Sample Goal:

Student will produce the /p/ sound in all word positions in sentences in the therapy environment.

Download the No-Prep Therapy Kit:

We have a start-to-finish therapy kit that will give you everything you need to practice this skill in therapy and send home homework.  Click the packet below to open it.  Then, print it out and place it in the child’s notebook or binder.

Therapy Phases:

  1. /p/ in Isolation: Student will produce the /p/ sound in isolation (by itself, not in a word or with other sounds)
  2. /p/ in Syllables: Student will produce the /p/ sound in non-sense syllables
  3. /p/ in Words: Student will produce the /p/  sound in all positions of single words (beginning of the word, middle of the word, and end of the word)
  4. /p/ in Phrases: Student will produce the /p/ sound in all word positions of 2-3 word phrases
  5. /p/ in Sentences: Student will produce the /p/ sound in all word positions of simple sentences

What’s Next?

Supplemental Materials

Here are some other resources that may help you when working on this skill:

/p/ Articulation Book for Beginning Communicators

This cute little repeating line book will help young children practice the /p/ sound in isolation and some simple syllables.

/p/ Complete Home Program

Everything you need to teach a child how to say the /p/ sound correctly from start to finish.  Includes instructions, pictures, and places to collect data.  Great for parents to use at home or for speech-language therapists to send home as homework (or for kiddos who don’t qualify for speech yet).

/p/ Articulation Worksheets

Additional worksheets with photos to target this sound in therapy or for homework.

Training Videos:

Need some extra help on treating this skill?  Check out these related training videos:

Webinar Recordings:

If you need some in-depth information related to this skill, check out our related webinar recording(s):

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